Sisters of Life

I had the great good fortune to spend some time speaking with one of the Sisters of Life yesterday. They are a wonderful order of nuns that are so joyful and loving- it is hard not to be drawn to their near glowing radiance! The woman I was speaking with yesterday said a few things that really struck me, which I thought worth sharing:

  1. She said that they don’t help pregnant women and young mothers because they (the nuns) are good, but because they see the good in the women that God has brought to them, and the goodness of these women in need inspires the nuns to want to help them. What a wonderful way to see each person around us. Remembering that each and every one of us walking this planet have been made in the image and likeness of God and that there is good in everyone- and approaching each person in trying to see them the way God sees them is a wonderful way to go through life.
  2. She talked about the approach they take with the ladies in need as a call to “leisure”. By that she didn’t mean that they weren’t working or helping, but she meant that in contrast to being frenetic or trying to force an outcome, they rest in knowing that God has it under control. So they do what they can- and all that they can (which is a lot!!)- to help the women and the babies that come to them, but ultimately they don’t fret, and they turn their concerns over to the Lord. Something we can apply in every area of life!
  3. One of the ministries that the Sisters of Life has is in helping women who have had abortions to find healing and love. I was told that many women come to them, even decades after having an abortion, and ask them “could God still love me”? It breaks my heart to think of someone walking around this planet feeling like somehow they are beyond the love of the Father- and so it is wonderful that the Sisters can help these ladies to see that God forgives them, and that their lives are also so valuable and important to God.

During these unusual times, when we are self isolating, the Sisters remain at work in bringing food to the women they serve, providing guidance, and importantly praying for all of them- and so much more. This Holy Week, consider adding the Sisters of Life to your prayers. They are indeed the hands and feet of God here in New York City, and in the world.

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